The Online Waste Identification and Profiling 101 has been approved by the TCEQ for 4 CEU’s to go towards the MSW A or B license renewal requirements – TCEQ Course Code 1539

The Waste Identification and Profiling 101 course covers a variety of topics with supporting regulations associated with the identification of wastes at municipal solid waste facilities. The course material intends to give MSW personnel the knowledge necessary to manage the disposal of Industrial and Non-Industrial/Municipal Special wastes.

This course provides and enables you to develop and implement regulatory requirements by:

• Developing a working knowledge of regulated hazardous waste, prohibited waste, PCB waste, and other special wastes.
• Developing a working knowledge of the Texas regulatory system for managing Special waste.
• Assessing generators and associated waste streams.
• Training operators Special Wastes and how to legally manage them.
• Providing instructions on how to properly fill out a Manifest.
• Discussing Waste Profile requirements and step-by-step instructions.

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