The RCRA OSHA DOT course covers a variety of topics with supporting regulations associated with the identification of wastes as well as other hazardous materials. The course material intends to give personnel the knowledge necessary to manage hazardous materials.

The Hazardous Materials Regulations, HMR, require every hazmat employer to train, test, and certify every hazmat employee before the employee performs any function subject to the HMR. Refresher training is required at least once every three years. Federal regulations require that training is mandatory for managers and employees who prepare hazmat for transport.


This course provides and enables you to develop and implement regulatory requirements by:

  • Developing a working knowledge of regulated hazardous waste and a familiarization with hazardous materials
  • Developing a working knowledge of the regulatory system for managing hazardous waste and hazardous materials.
  • Providing hazmat security awareness training.
  • Presenting instruction on OSHA and DOT regulations.
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